Making a New Character

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Making a New Character

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Fri May 15, 2009 2:53 am

Creating a new character-

Step 1- Have a character concept in mind. Think first on an abstract level. Once you complete this and have a concept in mind fill out the template below.

Here are some things to consider.

What race is my character?
Am I a dashing swordsman, a cunning pirate, or a wise wizard?

Step 2- Backstory- Every character needs a backstory. Why are they on the island? Some other questions to consider. How long have they been here? What is their objective? What interesting events in their lives have shaped them to be who they are? To figure out why they are here you should check out the Setting section under News and Rules for a description of the island and current situation.

Step 3- Generate Statistics- Each statistic starts out at 10. You have an additional 50 points to distribute freely. You gain additional stats through training. (See training section for details.) There are two guidelines for statistics: No one stat can be more than three times the value of any other, and your Wounds cannot be higher than your second-highest stat.

Weapon Skill (WS) - Your skill with melee weapons. It determines how likely you are to hit and be hit in melee combat.
Ballistic Skill (BS) - Your ability to hit targets with ranged weapons. It also is your ability to spot things and increases your chance at getting the best loot during missions.
Strength (S) - Your ability to actually harm things when you hit them. All melee weapons and many ranged weapons use Strength. More strength = more damage.
Toughness (T) - Your ability take hits. Your are less likely to be hurt with high toughness and when you do get hurt you take less damage.
Agility (AG) - Your ability to dodge ranged attacks. Agility also determines your speed and who acts first in combat.
Willpower (WP) - Your spellcasting power. It also effects how resistant you are to enemy spells.
Wounds (W) - How much damage it takes before you are knocked unconscious.

Step 4- Select Skill Trees- At character creation you are given access to 3 skill trees of your choosing. These are the abilities that you will have access to. There are also a few race specific skills that each race can choose to spend their points on. You have 9 skill points to start out the RP with. You gain addition skills through adventures.

The General Skill Trees are
List of Skill Trees-
Path of the Alchemist - Alchemists specialize in support and healing. They have many concoctions that also debilitate foes.
Path of the Assassin - Assassins focus on killing opponents by any means necessary. Assassins often employ poisons or brutal tactics to achieve victory.
Path of the Berserker - A Berserker is a wild combatant, often slashing wildly as foes with a weapon in each hand. Few foes can survive the onslaught of an enraged Berserker.
Path of the Commander - Some fight, some lead. Commanders lead well. They bring their allies to levels of power unattainable on their own. They also gain the ability to summon and recruit their own soldiers.
Path of the Duelist - Duelists specialize in one on one fighting. They are capable of striking opponents with speed and precision while dodging enemy attacks.
Path of the Engineer - Engineers are a jack of all trades. They upgrade their items and can build wild contraptions to fill a variety of roles ranging from generators to cannons.
Path of the Guardian - Guardians are the protectors on the battlefield. They are very difficult to kill as they absorb and block attacks with ease. They can guard both allies and themselves with ease.
Path of the Juggernaut- Juggernauts are wrecking balls on the battlefield. Nobody wields larger weapons or hits harder than the juggernaut.
Path of the Marksman- Marksmen are masters of ranged combat. Proficient in a range of weapons from longbows, to pistols and throwing knives. They strike foes down at a range where they cannot retaliate.
Path of the Scout- Scouts are the mobile presence on a battlefield. Impossible to pin down, and impossible to avoid. The scout is everywhere he wants to be and nowhere he doesn't.

Your character is a combination of several different attributes. I have a few suggestions below.

If you wanted to play a Dwarf Slayer you might take Path of Juggernaut to hit hard, Path of the Slayer for dual wielding and critical strikes, and Path of the Guardian to take lots of hits.

If you wanted to play a Dark Elf assassin you might take Path of the Assassin for poisons and slaying ability, Path of the Berserker for two weapon fighting and vicious attacks, and Path of the Duelist for agility, dodging, and speed.

If you wanted to play a Wood Elf scout/hunter you could take Path of the Commander for a companion (like a wolf), Path of the Marksman for excellent bow skills and Path of the Scout for mobility and stealth.

If you are having trouble selecting trees but have a character concept, PM myself or another mod or post a thread in the forum and we'll be glad to help you out.

In addition to the general trees each player is allowed access to a single magic lore. This takes up one of their tree selections above. The current magic lores are.

Lore of Fire - The magic of flames. A very offensive magic tree.
Lore of Tzeentch - The magic of change and mutation. A more subtle offensive tree focusing heavily of harming other spellcasters.
Lore of High Magic - The magic of the high elves. It features the most diverse spell list, ranging from support to offensive spells.

Step 5 - Select Equipment. Refer to the equipment section to see select starting equipment.

Step 6 - Finishing touches. Review your character. Post them onto the new characters thread. An admin will review your character and if approved will create a copy in the current list of PCs. You are then free to begin adventuring and RPing. Good luck, enjoy, and have fun!

Player Name: (Your name)
Character Name:





Skill Trees Chosen:

Skills: (include ranks and effect)

* If you have any questions, are stuck on anything rulewise or with the lore/setting, or need help with ideas for your character feel free to start a thread in this New Character thread and someone will reply shortly to help you out.*

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Post  FlyingPinkPony on Wed May 20, 2009 5:04 pm

Any race in the warhammer setting is acceptable given the proper backstory.

If you need help with the basic lore I would suggest checking out the wikipedia page.

If you find something you really want to play we can make it work.

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