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Teheboq - deadlychair

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Player Name: deadlychair
Character Name: Teheboq (tuh-heh-Bock) "Knowledgeable Weapon"
Race: Saurus

Appearance: 7'2" when standing erect, 6'1" when in standard hunch. Exceptionally bony, even for a Saurus, what few areas where bone does not jut out or cover up are covered in uniform medium blue scales. His head is covered in a wide, almost triangular crest with smaller spikes jutting out that transitions into a row all along his back down to the tip of his barbed tail.

Story: Teheboq was spawned, like all his fellow Saurus, deep within the caverns beneath the Saurus barracks in the temple of Hexoatl. Unlike his brothers, Teheboq was born with significantly stronger and more prominent bone plates covering his body. Already marked apart from his brothers by his durable exterior, Teheboq demonstrated a keen intellect (by Saurus standards) and a notable gift for learning languages. Skink priests and scribes scrambled to find some ancient quote that would have predicted such as a creature as Teheboq, but where unable to find anything that could match for twenty years. During these twenty years Teheboq grew as an average Saurus, he fought alongside his brothers defending the temple from would-be thieves and out-of-control dinosaurs. These encounters sated the bloodlust in his Saurus veins, but Teheboq often grew restless waiting for his next battle. In these times of restlessness Teheboq often journeyed into the Skink barrios, here he learned how to treat wounds and to apply poisons to his blades as the Skink applied them to their darts.

Finally Skink priests discovered a tablet with these words spoken by a now dead Slann inscribed upon it, "Alone The Weapon of Knowledge shall rend the shadow of the cursed capitol." Thus Teheboq, stripped of his weapons and armor as the priests believed to be required, was given directions to the ruined temple Irolek and sent forth on his sacred mission. For many days Teheboq traveled the coast of Lustria, hoping to discover some ship or port where he could gain passage to Irolek. As he traveled Teheboq encountered many wild beasts, and those that he could not soothe or terrify he slew. From the bones of those he slew, Teheboq fashioned arms and armor as he had seen the Skink artisans do in his youth. Finally, after weeks of searching, Teheboq stumbled upon a ship bound for Irolek. Using items he had fashioned from leftover bones, Teheboq was able to barter for passage to the island. Though the ship and all her crew were destroyed in a sudden squall, Teheboq's enhanced fortitude allowed him to survive and when the storm cleared the island of Irolek was plainly visible. Upon reaching the island Teheboq searched for the largest gathering of people so that he might ask around for the location of the Oldblood Sarkitek whom Teheboq knew to be on the island. And so Teheboq found himself, a lone Saurus walking into a bar...

Initial Statistics-
Ws: 15
Bs: 10
S: 10
T: 25
Ag: 15
Wp: 10
W: 25

Current Statistics-
Ws: 33
Bs: 15
S: 22
T: 36
Ag: 15
Wp: 20
W: 30

Bone Spear (Hand Weapon) - 3-6 damage.
Heavy Bone Armor - 2 Armor
Bone Shield - 5% block chance
Dented Cannonball - Heavy Throwing Weapon - 3-10 damage. Armor Piercing. +10 to wound. One-Shot. Shoot and Move.
Weak Amulet of Protection - 2% Ward Save.

Gold: 2
Path of the Guardian
Titan- Rank 3/3
Requirements: None
Type: Passive
Effect: You cannot take over 33%(9) of your maximum hp on any single hit. Any damage that deals more than this amount deals this amount instead.

Adrenaline Rush - Rank 1/1
Requirements: Titan
Type: Passive
Effect: Regenerate 1W each time you engage an enemy.

Large Target - Rank 1/2
Requirements: None
Type: Passive
Effect: Any foe attempted to use a ranged attack or spell against an ally without the Large Target ability, while you are in between or in the allies zone suffers -5 to hit and cast. (Needs rewording but you get the idea)

Path of the Commander
Summon Minion - Rank 3/3
Requirements: None
Type: Powerful Summon Ability
Effect: Summons a minion with 10 in all base stats and 5 in W. This minion deals 2-5 damage in melee. Minions also gain an additional 10% of all your statistics when summoned.

Bodyguard - Rank 2/2
Requirements: Summon Minion
Type: Passive
Effect: Your summon minion gains an additional +20% of your T and W (total of 30%) and a 10% block chance and 2 armor. All other minions you control gain +5 T and 2W.

Minion Stats -
Ws: 13
Bs: 11
S: 12
T: 20
Ag: 11
Wp: 12
W: 14

10% Block Chance
2 Armor
2-5 damage melee attack

Path of the Assassin
Black Lotus - Rank 3/3
Requirements: None
Type: Poison
Effect:When you apply this poison to a weapon choose 2 of the following stats (Ws, Bs, S, Ag). Each application lowers the targets chosen stats by 5 for 3 rounds. This stacks up to 5 times.

Killer Instinct - Rank 2/3
Requirements: None
Type: Passive
Effect: You gain a 3% critical strike chance with all weapons.

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