Franz Ostheim - Armand (Outdated)

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Franz Ostheim - Armand (Outdated)

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:20 am

Player Name: Armand
Character Name: Franz Ostheim
Race: Skaven

Appearance: 4'7" in height, very slender in build.


Hand Weapon - Melee: 3-6 damage.

Rifle - Blackpowder - Range: Medium, 2-12 damage. Armor piercing at short range. Two-Handed.

Light Armor - 1 Armor.

Back Story: Franz, like all other Skaven, was spawned forth from what can be summed up as essentially, a freakish device made of nipples. He also shares the curious and technologically experimental nature of his brethren, as well as an intense paranoia of other Skaven; even so, his development has been radically abnormal from almost everyone else of his race. Very early on, Franz decided he wanted not the crippling insanity that came from dealing with pure Warp Stones, but instead to pursue Knowledge to its fullest, and as such has devoted himself to devising a way to manufacture "Clean" Warpstone; Warpstone without the mind-destroying or mutating effects. It should be noted that due in part to this, he has an almost compulsive nature in keeping himself cleaned, lest he taint any of the samples for his experiments.

Something else very different in his nature is a desire to communicate with and even befriend those other other races. His distrust of other Skaven, and a particularly deep hatred for his former clan, Clan Skryre, was solidified by the killing of those who had grown to consider him family -- an old, blind human Engineer by the name of Otto Ostheim and his daughter Jessica. Franz's early attempts at communication with other non-Skaven races led were abysmal failures that resulted in investigations by witch hunters and a terrible amount of fire. However, one night Franz snuck into a human workshop hoping to learn more about the Empire's mechanical designs. Instead Franz found himself confronted by an old retired engineer. To Franz's surprise, the old man did not run away when he first saw the Skaven; perhaps he soon decided, because he could not see at all. Filled with curiosity, Franz began to talk with the old man, who assumed that the Skaven was no more than a intrepid young man with a bit of a speech impediment. Franz and the old man talked until the sun began to rise, and though he was loathe to leave, Franz decided that it would be better if he kept his existence a secret from all but the old man and so left with a promise to return again another night. Franz kept his word, and over the course of many nights he and the old man grew to be good friends. Over time Franz learned more of the old man's life; that he had been an engineer in service of the Empire's great armies, that he had lost his sight to a clouding of the eyes, and that his only family -- his daughter Jessica -- helped take care of him. One night, expecting to find Otto in his usual chair, Franz instead found Jessica, who of course screamed and began to run for help. Luckily for Franz, Jessica ran into Otto who -- sensing only his daughter and his friend, began to try and calm the terrified girl. Unable to free herself from her father's grasp Jessica frantically tried to explain the situation to her father. Fearing that guards would be attracted by the commotion Franz knew that he should have scrambled out of the window, or pushed past the old man and his daughter, and yet he found himself unable to move, transfixed by Jessica and Otto's conversation. Franz watched Otto's face as the realization that his friend was a horrible rat man monster hit him, and was immensely surprised when the old man smiled at him.

After a few hours Otto was able to convince his daughter to not summon the guard and thus Franz entered the happiest time of his life. Otto and Jessica became the closest thing to a family that a Skaven has ever experienced, and eventually Otto made it official by giving Franz his current name and adopting him as a son, or as close the such as Franz would ever be able to achieve. Life was very good for Franz, something which his peers in clan Skryre took notice of all too quickly. One night, making his usual trek to Otto's workshop Franz noticed smoke in the sky. Coming a bit closer Franze smelt the familiar scent of Warpstone, and as he grew closer he saw the unnatural green flames he had feared would be burning the workshop. Franz ran as fast as his skinny legs could take him, and despite the danger and his natural desire to squirt the musk of fear and run away he charged into the burning building. The sight of Otto and Jessica's dead bodies, the obvious signs of poison wind inhalation leaking from their orifices, was too much for the poor Skaven. Turning away Franz saw that the workshop had been emptied of all of the projects he and Otto had been working on together. Franz realized that the Skaven must have followed him, tried to ransack the workshop and been discovered by Otto and Jessica. Recalling all of the memories he had of Otto and Jessica, Franz felt something within him that he had never felt burn and grow. Despite the flames and collapsing building, the desire to squirt the Musk of Fear fled from Franz, replaced by a cold determination...

...Franz screamed as loud as he could as the massive warpstone supply behind him exploded. Franz felt as if Otto was smiling on him as the Clan Skryre vault burned in a rainbow of colors.

Thus, after many months of running from Clan Skryre and the assassins they hired from Clan Eshin, Franz found himself stowed aboard a trading ship headed for the coasts of Lustria.

Initial Statistics:

Weapon Skill: 10
Ballistic Skill: 25
Strength: 12
Toughness: 12
Agility: 25
Willpower: 10
Wounds: 16

Current Statistics
Weapon Skill: 10
Ballistic Skill: 25
Strength: 12
Toughness: 12
Agility: 26
Willpower: 13
Wounds: 16

Skill Trees:

Path of Marksman

Sniper - Rank 1; If you don't move this turn add +5 to your hit roll.
Snipe - Rank 1; Increase the range of the attack by 1 zone. Each zone between you and your target increases the critical strike chance by 5%.
Take Aim - Rank 2; Add +30 to hit and wound roll and increase your critical hit chance by 20% for your next attack.

Path of Scout

Stealth - Rank 2; You cannot be the target of any attack while in stealth. Any attack you make while in stealth has a 30% critical chance and immediately ends this ability. You may not move more than one zone a round in stealth.

Path of Engineering

Scope - Rank 2; Adds an additional range category to the weapon. Weapons with a scope suffer a -15 penalty to hit at short range and a +10 to hit at longer ranges.

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