Maelkur Aelorothi - Forte

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Maelkur Aelorothi - Forte

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Name: Maelkur Aelorothi
Race: Vampire [High Elf]

Appearance: Maelkur comes to a height of six and a half feet, something of a shorter elf having shrunk somewhat when he had been transformed by the blood kiss. While his actual appearance is that of a shriveled and hideous mockery of a High Elf, Maelkur uses a glamor about his person at almost all times to show off an outward appearance of what he once looked at before he was transformed into a vampire against his will. He is of a thin stereotypical elven frame which belies his skill with the blade.

Background: Once a mage of the Tower of Hoeth, Maelkur is the only living vampire to possess the knowledge enough to wield High Magic in any facility. It was his misfortune to become wrapped up in the plot of one of the vampires belonging to the line of W'soran whom believed that if he added the lore of the High Elves to his arsenal, his magical might would be uncontested. Maelkur never learned his kidnapper's name for the undead wizard never deigned to share it. Spirited away from his homeland one night thousands of years ago, Maelkur was forced into undead servitude by the W'soran vampire, though rather then kill Maelkur and raise him as a spirit or a similar undead; the Necrach elected to give him the blood kiss and transform him into a subserviant vampire. New to his form and with his ability to use magic stunted by powerful enchantments, Maelkur was compelled to teach his new master everything he knew about High Magic which, at the time, had been substantial. Both grew in power over time, for while the Necrach slowly learned the secrets of High Magic from Maelkur-- Maelkur was spent his unsupervised time stealing the secrets of Necromancy from his captor with the intent to use them against him someday. He could feel his aptitude for the lore of undeath from the moment he had awoken, some piece of him remained High Elf enough to still feel the winds of magic as he did when he had been alive.

Unfortunately for Maelkur, he would never be given the chance to face his former master in the vengeful battle that he wanted. In the hundreds of years he spent in the employ of the Necrach whom he knew only as master, Maelkur suffered greatly. He was beaten within an inch of his unlife, tortured with various spells and curses, but always forced to continue his tutoring of the Necrach for the compulsions on what still remained of his soul were too powerful for him to break. He had always planned that one day he would shatter the various enchantments on him and then break the Necrach with his own lore of magic in order to shame the monster in his defeat as well as destroy him. In this time, Maelkur learned of his capacity to hate and for malice as he fed and destroyed the lives of others if only to sustain his own to destroy his Necrach overlord. Ultimately the Necrach's downfall would be precipitated by a group of Sigmarite crusaders attempting to bring the power of light back to Sylvania. Though their crusade was doomed from the beginning for they could never hope to match power against the combined Vampire Courts, they succeeded at the very least in besting the Necrach and driving him back to his tower. In his desperation, the master released the enchantments on Maelkur's powers thinking that perhaps his "apprentice" might aid him in exchange for the releasing of the curses and compulsions. He was wrong. In the moment where the compulsions vanished, Maelkur lashed out and destroyed the Necrach's weakened body utterly with one of the few spells he could recall from his life as an elf. With his captor slain, the undead elf claimed a handful of his former master's collection of magical weapons and items and fled the tower to avoid the wrath of whatever had caused the fall of the Necrach.

Since then, Maelkur has travelled the world going from place to place simply learning. While he still is driven by the same desire he had in life, to learn and know, he pursues said knowledge now with a tenacity and disregard for life that he had not possessed before.

Fast as he was in life, Maelkur is even faster now in death. Like all elves he has never been possessed of a powerful body but now cursed with an unlife as a vampire his strength grows every day and his magical powers are only enhanced by the stilled death that was forced upon him.

Initial Statistics
Ws | 20
Bs | 10
S | 15
T | 10
Ag | 20
Wp | 25
W | 10

Current Statistics
Ws | 30
Bs | 11
S | 20
T | 12
Ag | 20
Wp | 33
W | 20

[Equipment and Inventory]
Hand Weapon (free)
Balanced Hand Weapon (1 Point) - Balanced reduces DW penalty to hit and wound for this weapon by 10.
Fang Dagger - 3-5, Balanced (+10 to hit/wound), +1% critical strike chance (This weapon only).
Heavy Armor (2 Points) - 2 Armor. Cannot dash. -5 to casting rolls.
Magic Item - Shrunken Dragon Ogre Head [+5 to Casting Rolls]

Gold - 4

[Skills and Abilities]
Still learning the power and lore of Necromancy from his former "master's" spellbooks and artifacts, Maelkur still has some of his skill with a blade and the power of High Magic that he'd learned from his studies in the High Tower.
•Vampire Racial Traits
•Path of the Assassin
•High Magic
•Path of the Berserker

Armored Caster - 1 Point - Lowers penalty for casting in heavy armor to -5.

Path of the Assassin
Black Lotus (Rank 3)- Poison- Choose 2 (WS,BS,S,AG) -5 per application for 3 rounds. Stacks 5 times.
Dark Venom (Rank 2)- Poison- Deals 1 damage/rd. Lasts for 2 rounds. Stacks 5 times.

High Magic
Walk Between Worlds (Rank 3) SL 1 - You turn ethereal and move up to 3 zones. You gain a 40 + 1/5 Spellpower roll ward save until end of turn.
Effect: You turn ethereal and move up to 1/2/3 zones.
Fury of Khaine (Rank 1) SL 3 - Medium Range - 3-6 fire damage + 1/20 you succeed your SP roll by. If Wounded or Dying they suffer an additional 3-6 fire damage.

Path of the Berserker
Dual Wielding (Rank 2) - -10 Penalty to hit/wound with mainhand.
Overwhelming Assault (Rank 1) - Each time you hit a foe in melee, you gain a +1 to hit and lowers the target's block chance by 1%. This stacks up to 5 times and ends if you miss.

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