Bral the Enforcer

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Bral the Enforcer

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Fri May 15, 2009 5:44 am

Character Name: Bral the Enforcer
Race: Ogre

Appearance: A large ogre, even by ogre standards. He stands over nine feet tall and wears nothing except a pair of torn pants and a spiked triangle medallion.

Equipment: Boom Rods (Former Hell-cannon barrels) 10-16 damage - Balanced.

Story: Bral is a large ogre who is the self proclaimed enforcer of the settlement. He has a band of loyal ogre enforcers. They administer justice to people who disturb the peace and while their justice may be harsh and not always fair or sober it keeps the majority in line. He earned a reputation after one of his "Justice Sticks" exploded taking out the second floor of the bar. Most people now stay out of his way.

Ws: 48
Bs: 17
S: 61
T: 66
Ag: 23
Wp: 40
W: 60

Attacks- Boom Rods- Have a 5% chance to critically hit with either rod. If the rod critically hits it explodes dealing an additional 10 damage to all targets in melee range.

Dual Wielding- Can make an attack with both weapons at -10 Ws and S each.

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