King Zaket VII - Budou (Outdated)

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King Zaket VII - Budou (Outdated)

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:39 am

Player Name: Budou
Character Name: King Zaket VII
Race: Tomb King

Appearance: Finding only few of the powerful relics that were once his, The Tomb King Zaket VII has found only meager means of dress. Where once his armor was heavy scale consisting of many layers of gold and silver now one finds a makeshift set of hammered brass plates; a matching shield attached to his back when not in use. A full bodied robe twp sizes too large conceals his true size and measure when he has to browse the local markets. He stands taller than most when he wishes, his limbs almost supernaturally lengthened after his original preservation. His mass remains in tact for the most part after centuries of decay; in particular his broad shoulders make it difficult to wear armor. However he is not totally lost in his grandeur amongst the lesser races. Covering his face, as if imprinted directly upon his skull, a perfect golden mask whose quality in craftsmanship is lost even upon the oldest dwarfs; one of the few relics that stayed with him during his journey to the island and the source of power for his incantations. It glares with a burning white light when dark and from its mouth whispers can be heard as if spoken from a distant room. Beyond the mask's perfect composure nothing can be seen of Zaket VII as it is not for mortals to look upon him.

Equipment: Due to his unnatural limb length, Zaket VII employs two very strange relics for combat. His long boney fingers are covered in a strange dark metal whose origin in unknown. They form long triangular blades that extend the length of his fingers; secured to a firm plate literally bolted to his hand. While deadly sharp, these weapons are rarely used for combat, but instead serve as implements to his own mastery of incantations. When the Tomb King Zaket VII extends his hand in greeting, one does not always understand his intention.

Balanced 2-Handed Weapon

Gold - 2

Story: In a time few living beings remember across the great seas that divvied the world the Tomb Kings ruled all. Their power could not be questioned, their leadership the ultimate rule of the land, their Princes the master of things political and studious; few things were unknown to them. It is in this setting the Tomb King Zaket VII hails from. In that time and place he ruled a minor kingdom, loyal only to his fellow Kings and their servants. In the great wars that would come from that time he commanded a great army of thousands whose valor and willingness to die for their lord was unquestioned amongst even the greatest of High Priests. It was for this reason that Zaket VII was stricken down before him prime. Where he was stolen away from his loyal guards and taken a secret location, kingdoms away. There the High Priests performed their preservation rituals on the King, granting him immortality in unearth at the cost of his kingdom. Fearing their servants would turn to join Zaket VII, the other Kings had him removed from his seat of power while still granting him his ultimate right as a Tomb King; to live forever as a God. Sealed in the darkest recess of an unmarked temple he rested for thousands of ages in his own deep slumber. He did not blame his fellow kings for their betrayal. After all they had granted him his immortality. No instead the Tomb King Zaket VII learned his ultimate lesson; that there is only one King amongst Kings, and he must attain that position should he not wish to find himself discarded in a forgotten tomb.

As the minor races flourished, their cultures spreading across the lands as locusts to the crop. Eventually fortune would shine upon Zaket VII when a wild group of grave robbers, who often would ravage lands of the Tomb Kings, found themselves in possession of the rarest of finds. It was only rumored that one could find a King's Casket amongst these forgotten temples however this group of adventurers was so fortunate! Quickly they made haste to remove the casket to their ship not far away their destination a wealthy family looking for relics to add to their collections. From within his casket the Tomb King Zaket VII chanted a long forgotten incantation causing the very seas themselves to swell with great anger. It was this storm that left the adventures ship wrecked on a strange island. Unfortunately, it would be their final resting place as well. Zaket VII emerged from his casket standing a full seven feet in measure. He made quick work of his saviors, the price of thievery, and gathered any objects he could find. Soon he would discover the trading post, masking his true form he would learn the common languages quickly. Soon too, he heard rumor of relics found through out the land resembling items from his own kingdom! The adventures may have found other old relics he was buried with, and with their full assemble the Tomb King Zaket VII may once again rule all.

Initial Statistics-
Ws: 10
Bs: 10
S: 10
T: 25
Ag: 10
Wp: 25
W: 20

Current Statistics-
Ws: 10
Bs: 10
S: 10
T: 30
Ag: 10
Wp: 34
W: 22

Skill Trees Chosen:

- Path of the Commander
- Lore of Khemri

Skills: (include ranks and effect)

Path of the Commander
Inspiring Leader: Rank I
Soldier: Rank I (Ushabti)
Bodyguard: Rank I

Soldier Stats
Ws-14, Bs-12, S-12, T-12, Ag-10, W-9 + Equip Choices

Lore of Khemri
Incantation of Fervor: Rank III - Short Ranged - Level 1 Spell - Can make yourself or an ally attack, charge, or move. They gain +3 damage and +20 to hit.

Incantation of Renewal: Rank II- Medium Ranged - Level 2 - Heals an ally 15% of their max W. 5% less effective on the same target. Summons are healed triple by the spell.

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