Tameria Status

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Tameria Status

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:30 pm

Current Status of Tameria, outpost of Irolek.

Status of the Town
Tameria currently has about three hundred citizens. The wooden gate and walls are on the brink of collapse. About sixty of the men belong to the guard and man the walls in shifts. Next to the docks are small cluster of shops along with several taverns which are usually overflowing with customers. The townfolk are very poor and the treasury is becoming to run dry to pay for guards.


Week 0: Seros, Kedakai, and Teheboq took off to explore a small cave just out of town. Inside they cleared out some goblins and killed a large undead kroxigor and recovered an ancient tablet inside. The tablet was given to the town historian for translation.

Week 1: Paelic and Scethan go out to secure the lumberyard. They were defeated by a large cold one but the knowledge of the attack has allowed the flow of lumber to return.

Valmir, Seros, Turin, and Teheboq set out with a prophet into the jungle to stop the source of a plague striking the town. They found a large obelisk and several nurgle worshippers responsible. They were promptly put down and the source of the plague was destroyed.

Week 2: Current

Available Missions

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Town Upgrades

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Tue Jul 21, 2009 3:31 pm

-Investing in the Town-
Since the town once again has resources for expansion the option for players to invest in the town is now available. By investing gold into the town players can improve the community for all players. These will become very useful in raids and epic missions. There will be additional benefits for large investors. Completing more missions may allow more areas for investment or raise the level cap for current upgrades. Keep an eye open for these opportunities.

*To invest in an area PM me with your investment and I'll remove the sum from your character sheet. Also in the PM you should inform me if you wish to make an anonymous donation or not. Those opting not to make an anonymous donation will be documented on the list below the upgrades.

Available Upgrades

Healer's Hut - The apothecary is responsible for the health and well being of the community. Improving this will allow for more rapid healing for players and NPCs. As valuable as improving the town is keeping the members of the community currently living in it is crucial to its success. It is much easier to keep the current members of the community alive than bringing in replacements.
Current Level 0: Progress 5/10

City Defenses - The walls are currently short and gate is in poor condition. Improving the defenses will allow for stronger walls and gates and allow the option of adding additional defenses such as arrow towers and war machines. A town without proper defenses will be easily overrun and destroyed.
Current Level 0: Progress 0/10

Port Defenses - The port is effectively undefended. Any attacks from the ocean will result in significant damage to the town. As this rank increases both the defenses and offensive capabilities of the docks will be increased.
Current Level 0: Progress 0/10

Armory - The town armory improves the quality of the weapons and armor of the town guards and militia. A vastly improved armory will also improve the quality of base weapons making basic player weapons and armor more effective. Keeping troops and players outfitted with the best equipment is essential.
Current Level 0: Progress 0/10

Town Guard - The town guard are keeping the raids at bay but it is proving difficult. Supplying more funds to the guard will allow additional members to be hired and provide additional training for the current members. Increasing the number and quality of the town guards is essential if the town wishes to continue to hold out against the constant raids. Currently the barracks has just enough funding to feed and cloth the bare minimum number of soldiers and militia. The soldiers, however, are beginning to gain experience.
Current Level 1: Progress 0/20

Current List of Investments:
    Scethan - 2 Gold into the Apothecary
    Teheboq - 7 Gold into Apothecary
    Seros - 11 Gold into Town Guard

Current Damage of Investments:
City Raid: Madbeard #1: 4 Damage to Apothecary, 1 Damage Apothecary.

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Mastery Paths & Town Trainers

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:08 am

This is the complete list of Town Trainers and Mastery Paths currently available.

General Trainers

Race Specific Trainers

Mastery Paths Available - Details on specific skills will be located in the mastery paths section.

Path : Trainer - Each trainer will be added to the NPC section when unlocked.

1. ????:
2. ????:
3. ????:
4. ????:
5. ????:
6. ????:
7. ????:
8. ????:
9. ????:
10. ????:
11. ????:
12. ????:
13. ????:
14. ????:
15. ????:
16. ????:
17. ????:
18. ????:
19. ????:
20. ????:

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Item Shop!

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:59 am

The Item Shop is now officially open! Here is a list of what is available. Also take note to several key changes in equipment detailed below. The rules for each item are located in the starting equipment section detailed here .

Armor is getting changed. In order to give some small advantage to casters who do not wear armor there will be a small armor penalty for casting in armor. The current penalty is -5 to cast with light armor, -10 in heavy armor (*Both chaos and VCs races which traditionally cast in heavy armor have a new 1pt skill trait which will allow them to treat the penalty of heavy armor as light armor).

Heavy armor no longer allows you to dash, but it no longer gives any other penalties to dodge or otherwise (Except the casting penalty above).

Anyways here is the current item list available. At the moment it is only starting equipment but that will improve. Also keep in mind investing in the town is a good idea, and there are individual benefits as well for investing.

5 Gold Items
Heavy Armor
Great Weapon
Balanced Two-Handed
Large Shield

3 Gold Items
Light Armor
Additional Hand Weapon
Balanced Hand Weapon
Large One Handed
Throwing Weapon (Light)
Throwing Weapon (Heavy)
Hand Crossbow

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Re: Tameria Status

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