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Keyword Glossary

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:11 pm

I am throwing together a reference sheet for keywords so if you see an unfamiliar word you can check here before posting on the Q&A thread.

General Keywords:

Combat Keywords:

    Powerful: A powerful ability can only be used once a combat.

    Epic: A very powerful ability. Can only be used once an adventure and only on certain adventures.

    Armor: Your armor value is how strong or effective your armor is. For most attacks the amount of damage dealt is reduced directly by your armor value.

    Damage Reduction: Damage reduction acts as a separate source of Wounds for your character. Any damage is subtracted from your Damage Reduction (DR) before your W.

    Ward Save: Ward saves are very powerful abilities that allow you to completely negate any attack. They have a % chance of activating.

    Critical Hit: Critical hits have a % chance of activating on a wounding hit. If an attack is a critical you double the weapon damage, but not any additional modifiers.

    Ranged: A ranged attack can be performed at an enemy within range. Ranged attacks may not be made at targets in the same zone. The ranges are shown below

    Range Zones
    Melee 0
    Short 1
    Medium 2
    Long 3
    Far 4

Weapon Keywords:

Magic Keywords:

    Casting Roll - The "hit" roll for spellcasters. This roll determines if the spell goes off and if it is a miscast or cast with irresistable force.

    Spellpower Roll - The "wound" roll for spellcasters. This roll determines how power your spell is.

    Miscast - A failed spell sometimes becomes a miscast instead. This is a very harmful side effect from failing to cast a spell. When you miscast you roll once on the miscast table and suffer the effect.

    Irresistible Force - A spell that is cast with Irresistible Force is exceptionally powerful. No spellpower roll is needed, instead treat it as though you rolled 100 on your spellpower check.

    Sustained - A sustained spell requires some amount of constant concentration. A sustained spell lasts as long as the wizard wishes or until they attempt to cast another spell. If the wizard attempts to cast another spell the sustained effect ends immediately.

    Spell Level - Spell Level is a rough indicator of the strength of the spell. One of the modifiers to your casting roll is the spell's level. Each level adds +10 to the difficulty of casting. Regular spells range from levels 1-5.

    Epic Spell - Epic spells can be cast once an adventure but only during adventures that allow it. If you fail the casting roll for an epic spell it does not count as being used up. This is treated as a level 6 spell.


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