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New Adventure

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:44 am

I will be running two adventures very soon. However I am allowing you guys to vote on which missions you would like participate in. The two that have the highest vote totals will be offered. Below are details on the missions. The minimum reward listed is loot that is guaranteed upon success.

Secure the Lumberyard - The settlement is very low on basic supplies. Ships have been coming in more infrequently. The lumbercamp that was set up outside of the camp has been under attack by an unknown adversary causing production to grind to a halt. Restoring the flow of supplies to the town is crucial for its overall success.
Minimum Reward- Unknown

Clear the Tunnels - A dwarf prospector is looking for several bodyguards to accompany him on his exploration of a nearby tunnel system looking for rare ores. He guarantees a small gold reward as well as a cut of whatever he finds in the tunnels.
Minimum Reward - Gold

Scout the Area - The local jungle is basically unexplored. Scouts have traveled only as far as half a mile to a mile outside. Exploring more of this wilderness could open up untold possibilities.
Minimum Reward- Unknown

Win the Pit Fights - Paymaster Pastol in an attempt to raise moral of his guards has begun a team based pit fighting ring. Preliminary fights are taking place while plans for a full scale arena are in the works. To encourage gladiators to show up he is offering a magic sword as a reward for the winning team.
Minimum Reward- Magic Sword

Stop the Plague - A plague has begun to appear in select cases across the city and paranoia is starting to set in. Rumors have begun to circulate of a green obelisk that exists in the jungle that is the source of the plague. Stopping the plague would put the resident's minds at ease.
Minimum Reward- Unknown

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