Lord Valmir Weissberg - Forte (Dead)

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Lord Valmir Weissberg - Forte (Dead)

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Name: Lord Valmir "Shadowfang" Weissberg
Race: Vampire

Weissberg stands a hair-bit taller then six feet tall and has an athletic build for a human. He is typically seen with his raven black hair tied back in a clean ponytail and a black-midnight blue colored eye-patch covering his left eye, his uncovered eye sporting a feral yellow color with bright red flecks here and there about the iris. He prefers light clothes in a black or a blue, is never seen wearing white, and favors a hood-less cloak that has layered pieces of fabric about the shoulders that look at first to be armor plating. Underneath the cloak, while out traveling, he wears a suit of pitch-black scale armor and carries a single cutlass on his right hip.


In his transformed state, Valmir's features contort to a much more feral appearance and he typically sheds his eye-patch for better visual abilities. At this stage, his mouth is filled with razor-sharp teeth and fangs and his hands are transformed into vicious talons. He also sports large but ultimately vestigial bat wings as they are not able to bear him aloft in the air.

A former Vampiric noble from an age that has long since passed into the mists of time, the "Lord" Drake Weissberg was once known as Lord Shadowfang-- a nomad from the once mighty kingdom of Strigoi that had existed in the Badlands before the invading Greenskins destroyed it and slayed their king Ushoran, Weissberg found life difficult in the world of darkness despite his powerful body and boastful necromantic magic. Eventually hunted down by the same Greenskins that had sacked his country, Lord Shadowfang was "destroyed" and many thought him dead. However, like many of the powerful vampires of his time, Weissberg was not as destroyed as originally thought though grievously wounded. He lay dormant in a sunlight-less cave for years, a time frame that he has yet to even decipher for he cares little. Awaking finally to the point where he has recovered, the former Shadowfang has lost much of his former glory. Finding himself bereft of his magic as a whole and at a fraction of his power, he set out into one of the various corners of the world to hide out from those that would destroy him-- most specifically the other Sylvanian Vampire Counts for having been a Strigoi noble. Hence he has come to these isles to serve as a hiding place whilst he slowly regains his powers and perhaps to amuse himself so that his years do not grow boring.

[Initial Statistics]
Ws | 20
Bs | 10
S | 20
T | 15
Ag | 18
Wp | 10
W | 17

[Current Statistics]
Ws | 24
Bs | 10
S | 22
T | 21
Ag | 18
Wp | 18
W | 17

Vampiric Resilience [Heavy Armor - 2 pts]
Vampiric Strength/Talons [Balanced Two-hand Weapon - 2 pts]
Cutlass [Free Starting]
Ancient Pistol [Loot]

Gold- 6

Total Points Spent: 10

<Vampire Racial Traits>
Blood Frenzy [•••]

Curse of Undeath [••]
The Everliving [••]
Ravage the Living [••]
Infinite Hatred [•••]
Red Fury - 1 Ranks [•]
Supernatural Horror [•]
Supernatural Howl [••]
Cycle of Death [••]

<Path of the Juggernaut>
Power Strike [•••]
Killing Blow [•••]
Whirling Slash [•••]
Ground and Pound [•]
Bull Rush [•••]
Veteran Warrior [•]
Armor Shredder [••]
Cleave [••]
Two-Handed Weapon Specialization [••]

Summon Undead [••]

[Bonus Tally]
2 Armor
2 DR
2 Armor Penetration
100% Poison Immunity

Supernatural Horror - Rank 1- Powerful Free Ability - All enemies in your zone suffer -5 to hit you for the encounter. This is doubled if your WP is higher than theirs.

Infinite Hatred - Rank 2 - Powerful Free Ability - You gain 10 to hit and wound against that opponent but -10 against all others until that foe is slain.

Curse of Undeath - 2 Ranks. Damage Reduction 2. 100% immunity to Poisons.

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