Turin Havenstone - Malacab

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Turin Havenstone - Malacab

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Player Name: Malacab
Character Name: Turin Havenstone
Race: Dwarf

Appearance: Stands 4"8" and strongly built. Fiery Red hair placed in braids across his head and 4 braid beard. Ostentatious clothing in red, yellow, and blue is punctuated by the sharkskin leather chest piece and bracers. Intense green eyes lie underneath the red braids and bright yellow bandanna

Hand Pick (Free hand weapon) - 1 Hand, 3-6 dmg

Pair of Black Dueling Pistols(Pistol x2) - Black Powder - Range: Short - 4-8 damage. S30. Skirmish Weapon, Armor Piercing. One shot weapon. After it has used its shot it can also be used as a balanced 2-3 damage melee weapon.

Sharkskin Armor (Light Armor) - 1 Armor, Spell Casting Penalty(-10)


Turin is of the Havenston Clan of exiled Dwarfs who turned to piracy. Turin is a fourth generation Pirate, following in the footsteps of his father, and his father's father, and so forth.

Turin is traditionally clad like the rest of the clan with a pair of dueling pistols, a war pick (to remind then of their origins) and a sharkskin leather armor, from a shark that had to be hunted and killed by himself. Turin quickly proved himself among the ranks of the Havenstone Clan and was shortly granted his own ship, the Drunken Orc. In a few years time Turin had a gained a reputation as a feared pirate and had amassed a small fleet and some wealth underneath him. Til one day a storm destroyed Turin fleet and wealth, and left him and a few of his men stranded on the Island.


Minion Statistics-

Skill Trees Chosen:
Path of the Marksman
Path of the Commander
Path of the Guardian

Skills: (include ranks and effect)

Summon Minion - 2 Ranks
Type: Powerful Summon Ability
Effect: Summons a minion with 8 in all base stats and 4 in W. This minion deals 2-5 damage in melee. Minions also gain an additional 10% of all your statistics when summoned.

Marksman - 1 Rank
Type: Passive
Effect: Your minion gains an additional 20% of your BS (total of 30%) and AG and a medium ranged attack that deals 3-6 damage. All other summons you control gain +2 BS & AG.

Black Powder Specialist - 1 Rank
Type: Passive
Effect: The first shot you make with a blackpowder weapon has an additional range and an increased critical strike chance of 5%.

Point Blank shot- 2 Ranks
Type: Powerful Melee Attack - Requires Ranged Weapon.
Effect: Add +20 to hit and add +20% critical strike chance.

Titan- 1 Rank
Type: Passive
Effect: You cannot take over 66% of your maximum hp on any single hit. Any damage that deals more than this amount deals this amount instead.

Tough as Nails- 2 Ranks
Type: Passive
Effect: Gain 5 additional T for each enemy either engaging you or being engaged by you, beyond the first. (Max 5 stacks)

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