Odins_Legacy - Rh'az Skavvin

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Odins_Legacy - Rh'az Skavvin

Post  Odins_Legacy on Sun Jul 05, 2009 8:23 am

Player Name: Odins Legacy
Character Name: Rh'az Skavvin Mechanist and Brewer.
Race: Skaven

Rh'az stands 4 and a half feet tall. His back bent from a cruel life. Many abuses visited upon him by his kindred have left him a shuddering wreck. He is plainly insane, often heard muttering uncontrollably, punctuating his ramblings with piercing shrieks of laughter or exclamations. Conversations with him are often uncomfortable leaving any inquisitive fool with an ringing ear and a mindful of unpleasant images. Rh'az is cruel to his own, demeaning them in any way he can without bringing about retribution. Strangely, this behavior is not seen with other races. Rh'az is often disturbingly loyal to compatriots he finds himself with, willing to do horrible things to himself and others should it please a so called "friendz..."

Rh'az adorns himself in all manners of trinkets, be they things of metal, flesh or bone. His back is bent with Potion vials and kits and blueprint scrolls still wet with frenzied ink splotched sketches. His milky eyes constantly swivel, performing ongoing inventory checks. His ears are threaded with bloodied kitten tales, which hold little tatters of paper bearing reminders of appointments and the like. Like any self respecting mad Skavvin, Rh'az prides himself in the torture of cats, which he raises himself to trade, torment, or harvest. Cats he particularly hates bear names like "fluffy spleenz" and Fuzz Wurmz." These particularly unfortunate creatures ultimately become grizzly ornaments on the grim contraptions that he fashions.

As for his stay on the island. Rh'az hasn't the faintest clue when he came, how long he has been here, or even how he came to be in the beaches at all. Most memories have been randomly lost (and to listener's chagrin, randomly discovered) to the demented reaches of Rh'az buzzing Id.


(WS) Weapon Skill - 10
(BS) Ballistic Skill - 20
(S) Strength - 10
(T) Toughness - 10
(Ag) Agility - 25
(Wp) Willpower - 25
(W) Wounds - 10


Crippling Poison 3

Warmachine 3

Path of Scout
Vanish 2

Black Powder Rifle (Is adorned and laden with dried organs, bone fetishes, and shaped scraps of metal
Hand Gun (See above)
Makeshift Armor-Light (see above)

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Re: Odins_Legacy - Rh'az Skavvin

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:16 pm

Approved. You can make a training thread and join adventures. One should be starting up soon, after I do a small rules revamp for several of the trees.

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