Captain Grom Von Brumere

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Captain Grom Von Brumere

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Fri May 15, 2009 2:23 am

Name: Captain Grom Von Brumere
Race: Tilean (Human)

Captain Grom Von Brumere is one of the only captains brave, or insane enough, to frequently travel to the islands. His presence is very welcome as he brings in much needed supplies from the mainlands. He is somewhat of a local celebrity and inhabitants of all races run to his protection. Everyone knows how crucial he is to the survival of their outpost. Grom stands an impressive 6'4" and is clad in red leather armor. Long flowing black hair is tied in a ponytail. His black iron cutlass and equally dark handlebar mustache make him an easily distinguishable figure.

Ws: 55
Bs: 38
S : 40
T : 38
Ag : 45
Wp: 40
W : 40

Weapons- Belt of Pistols, Black Iron Cutlass.

Black Iron Cutlass- 6-10 damage. Stolen from a chaos dwarf many years ago. The Black Iron Cutlass is made a pure black metal which slices through flesh with ease. Foes are treated as having 1/2 the toughness they normally do against this weapon.

Barrage- Attack- Requires Two Pistols - Four pistol shots- Pistols are expended for the duration of the fight.
Rally- Grom Von Brumere's pirate crew gain +10 Ws/S/T for 3 rounds and heal 5 Wounds.

Name: Pirate Crew
Race: Tilean (Human)

Captain Grom Von Brumere's Pirate Crew

Ws: 25
Bs: 30
S : 20
T : 15
Ag : 28
Wp: 17
W : 10

Equipment: 2 Pistols, Cutlass (Hand Weapon)

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