Statistics when, what, and how?

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Statistics when, what, and how?

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Fri Jul 03, 2009 2:29 pm

In this game you're character's abilities are tied to several key statistics or attributes. These are as follows along with their abbreviation. Below each statistic are some examples along with their scores so you have some loose ability to compare yourself to other creatures in the world. You may find yourself spreading your attributes out quite a bit. That's fine! Keep in mind that a good character is a balanced character invest too heavily in a single statistic and you could quite easily find yourself screwed when thrown into a situation where your character doesn't excel.

(WS) Weapon Skill - Your skill with melee weapons, all things blunt and pointy.
(BS) Ballistic Skill - Your skill with all ranged weapons from bows to hurled objects.
(S) Strength - Strength determines how hard you hit.
(T) Toughness - How well you can take a hit.
(Ag) Agility - Agility is the speed and agility of your character.
(Wp) Willpower - Willpower is strength of mind.
(W) Wounds - How much punishment your character can take before biting the dust.

Weapon Skill- Your characters ability to use melee weapons. This is used in the roll to hit opponents in melee as well as blocking incoming attacks.

Weapon Skill Example
10 A militiamen
15 An experienced swordsman
25 An expert fencer or duelist
40 High elf swordmaster,
or Druchii assassin

Ballistic Skill - Is almost exclusively used in hitting your opponents with ranged attacks.

Ballistic Skill Example
10 A peasant hunter
15 A hired crossbowman
25 Battlefield sniper
40 Dwarf Engineer

Strength - Determines the likelihood any attack you make will actually damage the target. It also can add additional damage. It is used on all melee weapons and some ranged weapons such as bows, although many ranged weapons such as crossbows and handguns have static strength scores (They are always constant).

Strength Example
10 A basic human
15 A norseman
25 Blood Dragon vampire
40 A very large ogre

Toughness - Toughness is the likelihood that an attack will deal a blow that actually hurts you. In addition any attack that wounds you successfully will deal less damage the more toughness you have. Toughness is used to resist all weapon damage, ranged and melee, and a few select spells.

Toughness Example
10 Human
15 Beastman
25 Dwarf Ironbreaker
40 Minotaur

Agility - Agility is used to determine turn order as well as to avoid ranged attacks.
In addition a few weapons that rely more on speed than power such as light throwing weapons (daggers, darts, shurikans etc) use Agility instead of Strength to wound foes.

Agility Example
5 Dwarf
10 A basic soldier
15 An elf
25 A wood elf wardancer
40 Skaven assassin

Willpower - Willpower is strength of mind and is the most important attribute for spellcasters. Willpower determines the chance a spell will be cast successfully, lower the risk of miscasting a spell and improve the power and potency of most spells. It also is of value to noncasters as it increases your own resistance to enemy spells.

Willpower Example
10 Human
15 Hardened Soldier
25 An empire wizard
40 Archmage

Wounds- Wounds is the simple amount of damage you can take before collapsing. It is known in many other games as Hp or hit/health points.

Agility Example
5 Goblin
10 Orc
15 Warboss
25 Ogre
40 Wyvern

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