Scethan Prolin - Gantz (Outdated)

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Scethan Prolin - Gantz (Outdated)

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Player Name: gantz
Character Name: Scethan Prolin
Race: Wood Elf

Appearance: Lean and well-muscled with a deep tan, Scethan stands at five feet ten inches fully erect, though he habitually crouches, walking soft and with his energy held like a coiled spring, and so usually appears more along the lines of five five or five six. He has dark green eyes, at once reminiscent of the deep forests and the surging seas. His blonde hair is cut very short, less than an inch off the scalp and he is clean shaven. A small leaf pin on his collar, a badge of the Glade Guards, and the longbow carried across his back are the only reminders he carries of far-away Athel Loren. Archer's bracer on his left forearm. Usually dressed in a tunic and breeches in light earth tones, sometimes with a matching cloak, which is can be reversed for a green side.

Hunting Knife - Hand Weapon 3-6
Hunting Bow - Range: Medium (2), 4-8 damage, S as user (max 30)
Leather Armor - 1 Armor
Gold- 2

Story: Scethan grew up in a family of Glade Guards, and for much of his life was content to live as such, vying with his older brother for prestige as they advanced through training. At the great Harvest Festival of his twentieth birthday, however, Scethan heard a story that changed his life forever. One of the far-traveling bards who had come to celebrate the festival with them told him about the enormous and wild ocean. The images of waves crashing against sheer cliffs and lapping up on untouched beaches resonated deeply with Scethan, and he kept the bard up all night long, eagerly listening to his entire store of tales regarding the high seas. From that day forward Scethan found it difficult to concentrate; while he still loved the forest deeply he longed for the vast openness promised by the ocean, and the excitement that could be found there. One day, when on patrol with the Glade Guards near the edge of Athel Loren, he slipped away from his brethren. He made his way to the nearest town and began asking for the sea. He had a long way to go, but found that the skills he acquired in the Glade Guards could take him far, as many were in need of skilled fighters. He explored the Great Ocean with many different crews and vessels, changing whenever he got bored, but eventually even the Great Ocean ceased to thrill him as it used to, and he set out for greater adventure yet. It was in this way that he stumbled across Irolek. "At last!" he thought to himself as he stepped off the merchant vessel he had been working on and onto the bustling pier "A place where I can find some real fun!" His eyes drawn to the dense, wild jungles rising up in the distance, he made his way into town.

Initial Statistics:
WS: 10
BS: 23
S: 17
T: 12
Ag: 20
Wp: 13
W: 15

Current Statistics:
WS: 12
BS: 25
S: 19
T: 13
Ag: 23
Wp: 14
W: 16

Skill Trees: Path of the Acrobat, Path of the Scout, Path of the Marksman

Wood Elf
Skirmisher (1 Rank): Bows become Skirmishing weapons and Longbows become Shoot and Move.

Stealth - 2 Ranks - Powerful Ability - Effect: You cannot be the target of any attack while in stealth. Any attack you make while in stealth has a 30% critical chance and immediately ends this ability. You may not move more than one zone a round in stealth.

Backstab - 1 rank - Powerful Melee Attack - Attack from Stealth Only - The attack gains +5 to hit and wound and ignores armor.

Shadow Shot - 1 rank - Can may treat Backstab as a short ranged attack.

Longstride - 2 Ranks - Free Ability - You immediately shift one zone. You may use this ability 2 times an encounter.

Point Blank Shot - Rank 1 - Powerful Ranged Melee Attack- Add +10 to hit and add +10% critical strike chance. This is an exception to the rule that you cannot use ranged weapons in melee.

Crippling Shot - Rank 1 - Powerful Ranged Attack - This attack has +0 to wound. If it wounds the target the target may not move the next round.

Quick Adjust- Rank 1 - Each time you miss an opponent with a ranged weapon you gain a +5 bonus on your next hit roll with that weapon. This effect stacks each time you miss.

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