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Seros - DemonicFerret

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Player: DemonicFerret
Character Name: Seros
Race: Chaos Mortal

Appearance: Dark hair, slicked back, about 6'1 tall. His eyes seem to change color based on his mood. Covered in chaos armor in the typical Tzeentchian scheme of blue and gold.

Longsword (large weapon): 5-8(4-8 ) damage, large * Used Whetstone for +1 minimum damage.*
Armor: Chaos Armor (heavy armor): (3) 2 armor (Chosen)
Magic Item: Dragonskin Cloak - MR 5 and +1 armor against ranged attacks
Magic Item:

Gold: 1

Story: Seros was born to a noble family of the Empire, growing up in luxury and doing little to no work himself, entertaining himself with food, wine, and servants. Before his growing allegiance to Slaanesh could be confirmed, Seros found an even better use for his time: pursuing forbidden knowledge. What began as reading tomes of Chaos in his family's extensive library out of idle curiousity quickly became an obsession to the exclusion of all else. He studied well, and experimented with magic and fouler things on those who would not be missed for several years, until finally his family could cover for him no longer, and arranged for him to take a voyage on a ship to Lustria, a ship which they ensured would be mysteriously lost, saving face for all involved.

The ship was not lost, however, although Seros was the only one aboard when the ship strangely guided itself to a halt in the docks of Tameria. Questions regarding the fate of the other passengers on his ship are answered with a smile and a laugh. Seros had begun the trip garbed in a simple tunic and cloak, but he disembarked wearing a suit of shining, newly forged chaos armor. Those who recognize the significance of the armor he wears are suspicious, but thus far Seros has been nothing if not a model citizen, assisting the welfare of the town in any way he can. While his ultimate aims are unclear, the people of Tameria are warily accepting of his presence as long as he continues to offer to help them.

Initial Stats
Weapon Skill 20
Ballistic Skill 10
Strength 20
Toughness 10
Agility 10
Willpower 25
Wounds 15

Current Stats:
Weapon SKill 26
Ballistic Skill 17
Strength 20
Toughness 20
Agility 17
Willpower 45
Wounds 20

Lore of Tzeentch
Red Fire 3: Deals 4-11 fire damage. This spell deals an additional 1 damage for every 20/15/10 points you succeed your spell power roll by.
Red Blade 2: Powerful Melee attack; If you hit, you can immediately cast Rank 2 Red Fire on the same target in addition to your resolving your normal attack. The casting roll automatically succeeds.
Orange Fire 3: You gain DR 1 for every 10 points you roll on your Spellpower check. In addition you gain a 10% ward save while the spell is active.
Denial of Fate 1: Powerful Free Ability - For this turn only, instead of taking a casting penalty for each wound you have taken, gain that amount as a casting and spell power bonus.
Spellshield 2: While Mantle of Orange Fire is active you gain Magic Resistance 20 and any single target spell that fails its spellpower roll against you has a 50% chance of being reflected onto the caster. It automatically affects the caster, but receives no additional spellpower bonuses.

Path of the Scout
Longstride - Free Action - Move one zone.

Chosen 1: Heavy armor grants an additional 1 armor, but can no longer dodge.
Armored Caster 1: Heavy armor casting penalty reduced to -5.

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