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Player Name: FlyingPinkPony
Character Name: Paelic
Race: Human

Appearance: Shoulder length dark hair with a goatee, stands about 5'10". Clad in a black cloak with an iron key hung around his neck. Underneath the cloak has leather armor and a blood red scarf with singed edges.

Rapier (Large Weapon) - 4-8 damage, Large.
Short Sword (Hand Weapon) 3-6 damage.
Throwing Knives (Light Throwing) - 1-6 damage. Use Ag instead of Strength for the wound roll.
Assassin's Cloak and Leather Armor (Light armor) - 1 armor.
Pirate Hat- Magical Item - Hat - 4% dodge change against blackpowder weapons.

Gold- 4

Story: Paelic started his career in the imperial school of wizardry early and displayed a particular aptitude for destructive magic. While initially admitting into the Grey college the masters of the Bright College pulled some strings and got the youth transferred. A brilliant pupil Paelic had a run in with a chaos cult of Tzeench where he had his first encounter with chaos. Watching his master fall before him to the cultist leader's twisted magic threw him into a rage. Flames erupted around him and he burned his flesh and hands as he incinerated the cultists and set half a block of Aldorf ablaze. The cultist leader had protected himself with a warding spell but Paelic was on him in an instant. In the whirling inferno Paelic stabbed the man over and over again in the neck with a shard of broken glass until his hands and face were covered in blood and tears. As he knelt in the flames he heard a laughing voice telling him how good a job he had done that day. The voice continued to torment him for months and spoke dark whispers of great rewards. It told him how great a servant to the Blood God he would become and how many foes he could slay if he only embraced his potential.

It took only a few days before he realized he needed serious help and quit the school to seek the aid of the witch hunters. Due to his recent encounter with the forces of chaos they deemed him too exposed and in a typical witch hunter fashion the only solution for a possibility of a corrupted wizard is a bullet. It was not a surprising gesture, the witch hunters hate all wizards anyway, why should he be any different? Much to his dismay instead of being allowed into the order, the witch hunter put in a request with the Bright College to have Paelic arrested for suspicion of dealings with chaos. Surprisingly before a response could be delivered the witch hunter's house burned down and he was dead in an alley with a large iron key shoved in the back of his neck.

With no place left to go and fearful of being suspected in the murder of a witch hunter, Paelic fled to the Island in search of riches, redemption, and to burn the corruption that plagued the Empire and end the torment.

Initial Statistics
Ws: 20
Bs: 10
S: 15
T: 15
Ag: 18
Wp: 20
W: 12

Current Statistics
Ws: 42
Bs: 20
S: 20
T: 19
Ag: 22
Wp: 40
W: 20

Paths- Fire, Scout, Fury (Though I'll switch to Fire, Fury, and Duelist most likely after all trees are posted)

Fireball 2 - Level 1 Spell- Medium Range - 4-7 fire damage. For every 15 points you exceed the spellpower roll by, increase the damage by 1.

Sword of Rhun 3 - Level 2 Spell - Personal Sustained. One of your melee weapons is sheathed in the flames your weapon deal an additional 2-3/5/7 fire damage + 1 per 40/35/30 points on your spellpower roll. You also gain an additional 1 S for every 10/8/6 points of your spellpower roll when making attacks with this weapon.

Longstride 1 - Powerful Free Action- Can move one zone.

Stealth 3 - Powerful Action - Cannot be targeted while stealthed. Opponents can spend an action to try and find you opposed check with +20 bonus to you for each zone you are apart. Gain a 50% critical strike chance when attacking out of stealth.

Ignite 2 - Passive - 10% chance to deal 1 fire damage/rd for the duration of the encounter when you deal fire damage.

Duck and Cover 2 - 10% dodge chance against ranged attacks.

Shadowstride 1 - Powerful Ability - Can move 2 zones in stealth.

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