The Setting!

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The Setting!

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Thu Jun 18, 2009 12:56 pm

This campaign takes place on an island about ten miles off of west coast of Lustria called Irolek, meaning "The Cursed Capitol". Hundreds of years ago it was a thriving lizardmen city until all its inhabitants mysteriously died and it became a feral unforgiving place.

The island is full of danger and filled with all manner of hazards. The landscape is excruciatingly hot and humid during the day, followed by a chill cold and fast moving winds at night that cut to the bone. Disease carrying insects and vermin thrive in the thick jungle. Large deadly beasts lurk and hunt in the jungles. Feral orcs and other humans litter the landscape with deathtraps. There are even rumors of savage skaven and goblins living in the caves and tunnels that run below the surface of the jungle. Even worse there are whispers that in the dark of night the dead have begun to walk and some claim to have seen runes devoted to the chaos gods of blood and pestilence.

Despite these claims settlers have begun to arrive on the island. The thrill of gold has always enticed the insane mercenary and the amount of treasure an untouched lizardman city could possess is good motivation. Sages speak of rumors that tell of several powerful artifacts that supposedly have been lost over the years that could be present on the island including the legendary Dagger of Akarot a blade so fast the very shockwave it creates when swung can rip a man in half. Others are enticed by the recent findings of rare metals including gromil and other rare ores recently discovered by dwarf prospectors. This surge of interest has caused enough of a mass of manpower that a small haven was carved into the northern area of the island the only location with a natural port.

Admiral Tameral was the first to arrive with a fleet of ships and supplies to begin construction. The casualties suffered during the initial phases of building were immense. Orcs raided nightly and carnivorous beasts devoured scouts and anyone who strayed too close to the treeline. Some of the local greenskin tribes however were discovered to be friendly and reasonably smart by greenskin standards. Fearing their feral brethren they allied themselves with the humans. Serving as guides they allowed the sailors to carve out a walled settlement. This was the beginning of the small settlement of Tameria. Admiral Tameral assumed leadership of the town and opened up the port. Initially exclusively human, the settlement has quickly become accustomed to all races. Ogre mercenaries from Tilea were brought in immediately for brute force to keep the town in check as well as extra muscle to continue construction and keep the constant threats to the settlement at bay. Dwarfs were the second race to arrive quickly sensing gold and once a prospector found gold underneath the settlement they began to arrive in droves. High Elf and Dark Elf sailors eventually found there way to this settlement as well. Many survivors of shipwrecks or exiles. The local guards ensured that peace is kept as the penalty for killing or fighting inside the town walls was very harsh. This created a safe zone where Elf sailors could get a break from their age old feud.

A Saurus Oldblood named Sarkitek arrived claiming to be the chosen of Chotec. He brought an entire unit of temple guard and skinks with him claiming to return the sun to this forsaken island. It didn't take long before enough races were so mingled when the first vampire count arrived on the island the inhabitants hardly even noticed. Even some of the more friendly skaven have arrived seeking plunder and trade.

Members of several other races have begun to arrive in the relative stability of the settlement. While many view it as a haven and treasure is abundant, the dangers are immense. Few ships can sail safely in and out of the island and often fresh supplies are worth more than their weight in gold. Raids occur constantly on the settlement and the guards are stretched thin. Almost the entire island is unexplored and even less about the cave system is known. With the constant threats to the settlement there are lots of opportunity for the locals to pull their weight.

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