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Starting Equipment

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Starting Equipment.

Equipment is purchased using a point buy system. Each character starts with 3 points . Don't worry there will be plenty of time during adventuring to gain additional loot.

Examples of the Weapons are given in italics
These are by no means the only options for these weapons. They merely act as guidelines. You can fluff your weapons however you choose. For example your great weapon could be a massive club or a woodsman's axe.

Carrying Capacity- While this is not an important issue at character creation it is an important issue. Characters cannot walk into battle with 3 rifles, a warhammer, 6 shields, and a lance strapped to their belt. To limit this each character is limited to...

1 set of armor-
4 Hands worth of equipment- This is any combination of 2 or 1 handed pieces of equipment adding up to 4 hands. For example a great sword, hand weapon, and shield. Or Great weapon and rifle. Or Sword, shield, pistol, and throwing knives.
2 Misc magic items- (this may be expanded later as magic repertoires improve)

-Note it is totally okay to have more equipment than this but you must leave some of it behind during a mission. Your equipment will be kept safe and not stolen. =D

Weapon Special Rules-
2 Handed- This weapon requires both hands to use.

Balanced- This weapon reduces any the hit and wound penalty for the attack by 10.

Armor Piercing= This attack ignores 1/2 of the opponents armor.

Block Chance X%- This number is used exclusively for shields. the X% is the likelyhood that the shield will completely block any attack. Blocking is determined after hit roll.

Spellcasting Penalty - This is typically associated with armor. Armor interferes with spellcasting. As such a spellcaster suffers the penalty to both casting and spellpower rolls.

Shoot and Move - This ability allows you to shoot and then move 1 zone. Any attack made while moving is at 50% Bs. You can also move first and then shoot with one of these weapons but the shot must be in the same direction as the move.

Skirmish - This ability is identical to Shoot and Move except no penalty to Bs is given. These weapons are made specifically for skirmishing tactics.

One-Shot - These weapons are only capable of being used once per battle. Once thrown, shot, or used, they cannot be used again that battle.

Slow- Slow weapons always strike last. You automatically go last in initiative order. If both people are slow then roll as usual.

Large- Cannot be dual wielded.

Heavy- You cannot dash in heavy armor.

Black Powder- Black Powder weapons have nothing in particular special about them. But some abilities and spells make reference to these weapons.

    Starting Equipment-
    1 Hand Weapon 3-6 damage.

    2 Point items-
    Longbow - Range: Long, 6-9 damage, S as user (Max 40).
    Very large or very powerful bows

    Bow- Range: Medium - 4-8 damage, S as user (Max 30). Shoot and Move. Two-Handed.
    Hunting Bow

    Heavy Armor- 2 Armor. - Heavy, Spellcasting Penalty (-10)
    Chaos Armor, Full Plate

    Great Weapon- 6-12 damage. Two handed, Slow.
    Great Sword, Scythe

    Balanced Two-Handed - 5-10 damage. Two- handed
    Halberd, Spear

    Rifle - Blackpowder - Range: Medium, 2-12 damage. Armor piercing at short range. Two-Handed
    Musket, Dwarven Handgun S30

    Crossbow - Range Medium, 5-10 damage. S 30. Two-Handed. Shoot and Move. If using Shoot and Move reduce to S20.

    Large Shield - 10% block chance
    Tower Shield, Large Metal Shield

    1 Point items-

    Light Armor - 1 Armor. Spellcasting Penalty (-10)
    Leather, Makeshift armor, light chainmail

    Additional Hand Weapon- 3-6
    Warhammer, Sword, Axe

    Light Hand Weapon- 2-4 Balanced
    Hammer, Sword, Dueling Dirk

    Large One Handed- 4-8 damage - Large.
    Choppa, Longsword

    Shield- 5% block chance.
    Targe, Buckler, Hide or Wooden Shield

    Throwing Weapon - Light - Range: Short - 1-6 damage, Skirmish, Use Ag instead of S to wound.
    Daggers, Shurikans

    Throwing Weapon - Heavy - Range: Short - 3-10 damage. One shot, Skirmish.
    Throwing Spear, Axe, Hammer

    Pistol - Black Powder - Range: Short - 4-8 damage. S30. Skirmish Weapon, Armor Piercing. One shot weapon. After it has used its shot it can also be used as a balanced 2-3 damage melee weapon.
    Dueling Pistol, Pirate flintlock

    Shortbow- Range: Medium - 2-6 damage. S as user, (Max 20), Skirmish Weapon.
    Small skirmish bow, handbow

    Hand Crossbow- Range: Medium 2-4 damage. S- 20. Shoot and Move.


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