What is Wartide? <---- New players should read this first

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What is Wartide? <---- New players should read this first

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:47 am

Wartide is a forum based roleplaying game set in the Warhammer universe. It can be a little overwhelming at first so I'll try to break it down as simply as I can. Basically each player on the forums creates a character. The basic setting is all the players are individuals who are residing on the island of Irolek, an isolated jungle island located on the edge of Lustria. All manner of mercenaries, opportunists, scavengers, and shipwrecked survivors who inhabit this land have banded together against the harsh wilderness and relentless enemies. They built a small settlement called Tameria. It is a dangerous harsh land, but the opportunities, knowledge, power, and wealth that could be gained make it worth the risk. Amidst the ancient ruins, rich mineral veins, and untold treasures and magics lie an array of dangerous foes including orcs, demons, and lizardmen to name a few. It takes place in the warhammer setting but it is okay if you are unfamiliar with the setting we are pretty flexible and easy going here. If you would like to read up on the warhammer IP you can do so

Click here for the full backstory behind Irolek and Tameria.

How does it work?

Wartide works in a couple of ways and there are many ways to be involved. The first thing you need to do is create an account. This is free don't worry. Next you need to make a character. Your character name and account name do not need to be the same. As always both myself and the other moderators are incredibly helpful and are available

Adventures - This is the bulk of the RP right here. Players are allowed to go on quests and adventures in small groups. Successfully completing adventures gives the players items, gold, and skill points. (<- This i the only way to earn skill points which grant you additional abilities and skills)

City Fights - Really a subset of adventures but at various intervals various villains will attack the town seeking its destruction. This is an adventure with no limit to the number of participating players. All the town can rally together to defend it. Players are allowed to invest gold into the town itself to promote its defense. If the villains succeed the town can suffer damage making it more difficult to defend and potentially destroy it!

Training Posts - These are the simplest way to stay involved. Basically once a week you are allowed to make a training post dictating some aspect of your characters adventures on the island to increase basic stats. You can check out all about training posts here. This is something that is easy to do and progress your character during downtime in an adventure or if you simply are having a busy week outside of the RP. (This is the only way to increase statistics. Statistics make your character stronger, smarter, or faster)

PVP - Currently we only have dueling for honor or small bets of gold available but players will be able to compete for prizes and fight one another in either team or solo arena style settings. This will be expanded on more as the community grows and interest is shown.

Design Work - This is a custom built combat system that i designed. It has a multitude of features but I am always looking for improvements. There are a variety of features I am still working on implementing. Check out the rules and balance thread if this is something that interests you. I love working on game design and always value the input of others. Plus its fantastic experience if this is something that interests you since it allows you to work with an actual system and a small respectful player base. We can tinker and experiment with a lot of the mechanics and skill trees and its always fun getting into the nuts and bolts of a system.

We also follow a simple set of rules which should be assumed but I feel the need to post them.
1. The Number one most important rule - Use common sense.

2. Be Respectful of other forum members- This should fall under common sense. No harassment, racial slurs, or the like. Racism in character and used in roleplaying however is totally acceptable. Example - calling a dwarf a stunty, or an Orc a greenskin.

3. Retain a Mild Degree of Class- Basically don't post porn and keep trolling to a minimum. The only exception being if your character is actually a troll.

4. Roleplaying Threads are for Roleplaying- Self explanatory. Keep general discussion out of the roleplaying areas of the forum. Also do not participate or post in an adventure that you are not a part of.

Lastly a note on the Warhammer IP- Warhammer is a product of games-workshop all copyrights on lore etc belong to them.

If you have any questions on anything please either make a post in the Questions section or send me or either of the other moderators a PM.

List of mods at the moment.
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