Strom- The Keeper of the Gate

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Strom- The Keeper of the Gate

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:38 pm

Character Name: Strom
Race: Human

Appearance: A large, middle-aged man. Blond, clean shaven. Clad in full chainmail armor. He wields a large claymore and longbow.

Equipment: Claymore 8-18, Chainmail 4 armor, Longbow 4-12.

Story: A former Tilean mercenary. He currently in the captain of the gate watch. They are responsible for the defense of the settlement. He is often at the front gate watching. A dangerous fighter with many years of experience.

Ws: 54
Bs: 41
S: 40
T: 30
Ag: 32
Wp: 40
W: 25

Attacks- Snipe- Requires longbow. This attack never has less than a 50% hit chance. It cannot be dodged, blocked, or otherwise avoided.

Cleave- Activated Attack + 20S. If this attack kills its target you can make another immediate attack. If this attack kills its target you may continue this indefinitely.

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