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The smith is run by Ox. Ox is the kind of man that resembles more of a bear than a human. He stands up in the front of his shop, his apron stained black with smoke and his smithy hammer still held in his deathgrip. He gives an affermative grunt as you enter the store. A simple list is nailed casually to the wall next to the counter. Racks of weapons and armor line the walls and fill the visable area behind him. His assistant can be heard hammering away in the backroom and the scent of industry fills the air.

Shop Level 0 - (Progress 0%)

Available Items


    A selection of basic one handed weapons, including blades, maces, and axes.
    Hand Weapon - 3-6 damage. 2 Gold

    Rapiers, daggers, and small blades designed for precise attacks and dual wielding.
    Balanced Blade - 2-5 damage. Balanced. 3 Gold

    Especially large one-handed swords and axes.
    Large Weapon - 4-8 damage. Oversized. 4 Gold

    Scythes, Great swords and Axes requiring two hands to wield.
    Two-Handed Weapon - 5-10 damage. Two-Handed. 5 Gold

Ranged Weapons

    Large hunting and composite bows.
    Bow - 4-8 damage, Shoot and Move, Max S(30), Min S(15), Bow, Medium Range, Two-Handed. 5 Gold

    A small hunting bow, made especially for moving and shooting.
    Short Bow - 3-6 damage, Bow, Skirmish, Max S(25), Medium Range, Two-Handed. 4 Gold

    A mechanical crossbow. High powered and easy to use.
    Crossbow - 2-10 damage. Crossbow, S(25), Min Str (15), Armor Piercing 1, Medium Range, Long Reload 2, Two-Handed. 5 Gold

    A light one-handed crossbow. Made especially for skirmishers.
    Hand Crossbow - 2-5 damage, Crossbow, Short Range, S(15), Skirmish, Long Reload 1, One-Handed. 3 Gold

    Simple man and dwarf made pistols. Light and easy to use.
    Pistol 3-8, S(20), Armor Piercing 2, Skirmish, One-Shot, Blackpowder, Unreliable 5, Short Range. 4 Gold

    Throwing knives, darts, and small blades.
    Light Throwing - 2-6 damage, Short Range, Throwing, Skirmish, Light. 2 Gold

    Javelins, hammers, and axes.
    Heavy Throwing - 3-10 damage, One-Shot, Short Range, Armor Piercing 2, Throwing, Skirmish. 5 Gold


    A small selection of wooden and metal shields.
    Shield - 5% block chance. 3 Gold


    Simple leather armors, chainmail, and studded leather.
    Light Armor - Armor 1. Casting Penalty 5. 3 Gold

    Plate mail, heavy chain armor, and monster hide.
    Heavy Armor - Armor 2. Casting Penalty 10. 5 Gold

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