Solo Mission - Guard Duty!

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Solo Mission - Guard Duty!

Post  deadlychair on Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:19 am

"I thought you were going to teach me how to fight lizard? What are we doing taking over some simple guardsmen's shift on the wall?" Talibah asked.

Teheboq looked at the girl for a moment, then let out a deep, rumbling sigh. He pointed at his chest, indicating himself, "Defend wall," he said, then raised his shield, "Defend Teheboq. Same."

Talibah cocked her head to the side, "So you are to act as a shield for the wall? That makes no sense. The wall is there to shield us!"

Teheboq shook his head, "Wall shield..." Teheboq paused as he struggled to find the right word.

"The weak?" Talibah suggested.

"Wall shield weak. Warrior shield wall," Teheboq finished, gesturing his thanks to Talibah for supplying the word he needed.

"I still do not understand. I will watch you, call for me if battle comes," Talibah said as she slipped off into the darkness.

Teheboq turned back to the forest and waited, his eyes never leaving the jungle's edge.

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