Purpose of the Tavern

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Purpose of the Tavern

Post  FlyingPinkPony on Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:22 am

The tavern is a place for people to post RP, stories, and fluff that isn't directly related to missions or training. In addition it serves as a recruitment area for people attempting to gather enough people to undertake a mission or quest. Once you have enough people to accept the mission close the topic here and post in the RP - Recruitment thread what mission you would like to undertake, and who is accompanying you (If anyone). A moderator will reply to your request and if you meet all the requirements they will open a new thread in the RP - Active section.

Also note there will be an up to date listing or all Solo, Wanted, and Group missions in the tavern. You are welcome to accept any of them as long as you are not currently in a mission. A free moderator will reply to your request and it will be under way.

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